The Sofamech Sofabed

  • Commercial grade sleeper mechanism designed for resort property usage.

  • Especially selected mattress to complement the mechanism for comfort and longevity.

Sofa Bed Comparison

Our Mechanism

Their Mechanism

Heavy Gauge Square Tubular Construction

Spring Holes Located To Minimize Structural Weakness

Heavy Poly Decking

Heavy Gauge Springs

High Profile Head Rest Holds Mattress in Place

No Head Rest Locking Device

Reinforced Head Rest Hinge Point

Accepts Quality High Volume Mattress as Standard

Light Gage Round Tubular Construction

Hole Punch Location Weakens Round Tubular Construction

Light Poly Decking

Light Gauge Springs

As Fatigue Occurs The Mattress can Interfere with Operation

With Head Rest in Locked Position Damage May Occur During Operation

Failure Of Hinge Point Common with Light Duty Mechanism

High Volume Mattress Dramatically Reduces Useful Life


  • All sofabeds are uncomfortable. All sofabeds are the same.

  • A quality mattress guarantees a comfortable sleep.

  • The mattress is the main reason sofabeds are uncomfortable.


  • Sofabeds do not need to be thrown out because of mechanism breakdown or lack of comfort. A replacement mechanism can increase the lifespan and comfort of your existing sofabed.

  • Most sofabeds sold in today's retail market are supplied with a minimum duty mechanism.

  • Light duty mechanisms are acceptable for general home use, normally four to six times a year but vacation properties need a contract heavy duty mechanism designed for high frequency usage.

  • Though the mattress is important it will not guarantee a comfortable sleep.

  • A properly matched mattress and mechanism will maximize the life of the entire sofabed. Too much mattress can kill a mechanism and leads breakdowns in the sofabed frame and damage in the upholstery.


SOFAMECH has a staff of professionals experienced in sofabed repair and replacements. They stock all of the components and can bring most sofabeds up to vacation rental standards for a minimum investment. The cost of replacing a sofabed can be anywhere from $1,000.00 and up while in most instances repair or replacement is under $320.00.


Through their many years as the "sofabed experts" in Colorado Resort Country repairing and replacing sofabed mechanisms, SOFAMECH has discovered that most of the sleeper sofas in the resort marketplace are purchased through retail outlets and therefore manufactured for residential usage.

The residential sleeper sofa is manufactured for limited use, four to six times a year. Commercial grade sleeper sofas, manufactured for frequent usage are only marketed by the manufacturers through large quantity contracts and are not available for individual purchase.

SOFAMECH has contracted with a sleeper sofa manufacturer, a commercial sleeper sofa mechanism manufacturer and a sleeper sofa mattress company to provide the best elements in sofabed comfort. Utilizing their expert in-house assembly techniques, SOFAMECH can now provide individual buyers with commercial grade sofabeds intended for high frequency usage.


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